K3 Series Portable Crushing Plant

K3 Series Portable Crushing Plant

The K3 series portable crushing plant adopts a new design concept. It has a modular vehicle design and can be transported without disassembly. In addition, it also has the advantages of fast installation and production, safety and environmental protection. Its launch will break the market pattern of portable mobile crushers in the industry, and it is an ideal portable crushing station in domestic and foreign markets.

Product Features: modular vehicle design, transportation without disassembly, rapid installation and production, safety and environmental protection


Portable Crushing Plant Performance

K3 Series Portable Crushing Plant Parameters

model Standard Wiring Equipment for Soft and Hard Rock
Aggregate Properties Product Line Model Model 1 Integrated Mobile Equipment (4 models) Model 2 Coarse Crushing Mobile Equipment (5 models) Model 3 Medium Crushing Mobile Equipment (8 models) Model 4 Screening Mobile Equipment (3 models)
Code of Crusher 1 (integrated equipment) Code of Crusher 2 (coarse crushing) Code of Crusher 3 (single seat for medium crushing) Code of Crusher 4 (double seats for medium crushing) Code of Crusher 5 (screening)
K3T100-4 K3I100-4 K3T150-4 K3E760-1 K3C100-1 K3C110-1 K3CI1213-1C K3CI1315-1C K3H300-1 K3CI1213-1 K3CI1315-1 K3V9026-1 K3H300D-2 K3H300V-2 K3CI1213V-2 K3CI1315V-2 K3S1860-1 K3S2160-1 K3S2460-1
Hard Rock (feeding≤430mm) K3YC-100T
Soft Rock (feeding≤430mm) K3RC-100T
Hard Rock (feeding≤430mm) K3YC-150T
Soft Rock (feeding≤430mm) K3RC-150T
Hard Rock (feeding≤530mm) K3YC-200T + + +
K3YV-200T + + + +
Soft Rock (feeding≤530mm) K3RC-200T + + +
K3RV-200T + + + +
Soft Rock for Construction Waste (Feeding≤400mm) K3RW-200T + +
Hard Rock (feeding≤630mm) K3YC-300T + + + +
K3YV-300T + + + + ++
Soft Rock (feeding≤630mm) K3RC-300T + + +
K3RV-300T + + ++
Soft Rock for Construction Waste (Feeding≤400mm) K3RW-300T + +
1. The capacity listed in this table is calculated according to the pile specific gravity of 1.6t/m3; it is affected by many factors, such as the nature of the material, the composition of the particle size, the working conditions such as feeding and discharging, the moisture content of mud, the loose density and the fragility, etc., so the data in the table will change depending on the specific situation.
2. In the table, ★, + indicates the mobile plant model corresponding to the corresponding capacity level, + + indicates that the number of times the model appears is 2; in the table, ① indicates that it can be used as an alternative to K3C100-1 mobile crusher.
3. The technical parameters involved in this paper are for reference only. Please contact the R & D Center for more mobile solution requirement.

Product pictures, parameters, models, data, performance, specifications, etc. on this website are for reference only. SBM may make changes to the above information. For specific information, please refer to the actual product and the user manual. In the absence of special instructions, SBM reserves the right to interpret all data involved in this website.

Working Principle of Portable Crushing Plant

Portable crushing plant are usually powered by an external power source. Raw materials are evenly sent to jaw crusher or impact crusher by vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. Then, the coarse crushed material is sent to the cone crusher or impact crusher by the belt conveyor for further crushing. The finely crushed materials are sent to the vibrating screen, and the materials that meet the particle size requirements are screened out as finished products, and the unqualified materials are sent back to the impact crusher or cone crusher for further processing, forming a closed loop. The granularity of the finished product can be determined according to the needs of users.

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