VU Tower-like Sand-making System

VU Tower-like Sand-making System

To overcome unreasonable grading, excessive powder content and silt content and unqualified grain shape of traditional machine-made aggregate on the market, SBM pushes out the VU Tower-like Sand-making System. The aggregate produced always features excellent quality and the production process produces no sludge, waste water or dust, completely meeting the requirements for environmental protection.

Product Features: Excellent environmental protection, better quality of aggregates


Product Performance

VU Tower-like Sand-making System Parameters

The Fifth VU Sand Making System

Model Input Size(mm) Handling Capacity(t/h) Rock-powder Content(Adjustable) Power(KW) Dimensions(mm)
VU-100 0-25 80-100 3-15% ~680 19000×10500×22400
VU-150 0-25 125-150 3-15% ~995 21900×11300×22900
VU-300 0-25 240-300 3-15% ~1990 25000×15200×22900


The Fifth VUS Reshaping &Sand Making System

Model Input Size(mm) Sand Making Reshaping &Sand Making Rock-powder Content(Adjustable) Power(KW) Dimensions(mm)
Handling Capacity(t/h)
VUS301 0-40 100 300 3-15% ~622 21000×8000×27500
VUS501 0-40 150 550 3-15% ~966 21000×10000×30200

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Working Principle of tower-like sand-making system

SBM’s VU Tower-like Sand-making System consists of VU Impact Crusher (also known as VU Sand Maker), FM (Fineness Modulus) Control Screen, Particle Optimizer, Moisture Controller, Dust Collector, Central Control System and steel structure. It is a complete sand-making system that produces aggregates by dry process. After being crushed and shaped by the VU Impact Crusher, the tailings below 15mm are divided into three components under the action of FM Control Screen and Dust Collector— stone powder, reverting material and finished sand product. Stone powder is collected by Dust Collector and stored at the fine ore bin while the finished sand product enters the Particle Optimizer for further dressing and then is taken the last processing step— mixing in humid environment. Processed by VU Tower-like Sand-making System, raw materials can be turned into high-quality sand with reasonable grading, smooth shape and controllable powder content, and dry, clean, recycled and high-quality stone powder (Application fields depend on raw materials).

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